Chart Biomedical GMBH


Our products are critical components in the separation of oxygen, nitrogen and noble gases from air and in the processing and liquefaction of natural gas. Our distribution and storage products and engineered systems are fundamental to the delivery and end-use of liquid gases across a multitude of applications in industry and for energy.

In the life sciences sector Chart’s MVE brand is the benchmark for biological storage systems, used for the cryogenic preservation of human and animal tissues. Chiefly through the CAIRE brand, Chart is the leading provider of respiratory products for the home healthcare market.

Chart has domestic operations located in eight US states and international engineering and manufacturing in Australia, China, the Czech Republic, Germany and the United Kingdom.

We express our brand promise through our tagline:

Innovation – We are passionate about what we do and dedicated to continuous, innovative development.
Experience – Customers rely on our knowledge because we are experts in our field.
Performance – We fulfill expectations. We respect our customers and are committed to meeting their needs.

We are trustworthy, honest, fair and responsible