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SeQual Technologies, founded in 1991, is a market-driven, technology-based company with the mission to develop, manufacture and market unique products for medical, military, industrial and commercial applications that utilize the Company’s proprietary pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology for air separation.


Since 1998, the Company has focused on the development of medical oxygen concentrators; devices that separate oxygen from air to provide supplemental breathing oxygen to individuals with chronic lung disease.


SeQual’s line of medical oxygen concentrators ranges from its, award-winning, Eclipse oxygen system to its Integra high-capacity (10 LPM) bedside unit.


In addition to medical oxygen systems, the Company manufactures other PSA-based, air separation systems for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. SeQual’s PSA systems are recognized internationally for their unique designs, superior performance, quality and reliability.


SeQual is committed to a program of continual improvement and expansion of its air separations product line. The Company also pursues strategic partnerships with customers, or other interested parties, to develop new products for specific applications.