SYSMED Oxygen Concentrator, it's brand name comes from the father of robot in China, Jiang Xinson, who was also the national chief scientist in automation before his death in 1997.


SYSMED ( China ) Co., Ltd is established by two famous institutes of CAS (abbreviate from Chinese Academy of Sciences). One is Shenyang Institute of Automation (abbr: SIA), which is the cradle of Chinese robotics. The other is Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics ( abbr:DICP ) , which is the innovator of Chinese molecular sieve.


SYSMED is the leading developer, manufacturer and provider of oxygen concentrator/BPAP/CPAP tailored to the needs of LTOT in China. For the advantage of improved production efficiency and persistent innovation rooted in CAS, we have committed ourselves to providing reliable, cost-effective, quality products since 1990.