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Pujiang Optoelectronic Technology Co.ltd. Since 2002 has dedicated itself to contribute to improving global health and safety of all patients through the development of products based on a long period of research, offering equipment specially designed for professionals health, verterinary, beauty and related areas, that allows them to offer their patients in each of their treatments or interventions the best care of the hand to the best and most advanced equipment...
      Through innovative products of highest quality and consistent with the most stringent global standards Pujiang Optoelectronic Technology Ltd. Generates trust among its eustomers, in addition to this, offering a specialized service, through all of our distributors in the world, carefully selected to ensure continuing with our philosophy of the best care and serveices,with a group of technicians and professionals ready to meet all of your needs.
     Our objective every day is to develop new develop new technologies in anticipation of the new competitive Challenges and new demands of the market, generating global leadership that will enable us to lead our company to the highest levels, Our passion for excellence leads us to devote all our efforts and our talents to create high quality products that are above all expectations and requirements.
     TINGET A leading brand with the entire contents of our values and philosopfiy, that represents us before the world and identifies us as the best company in our environment, Our daily work consists in increasing the recognition and positioning our brand on an intemational level providing source invaluable opportunities in new markets and achieving a high recognition that reflects the real value of what we are, the high quality of our products and our genuine commitment To exceeding the expectations and needs of all our customers